Board of Directors

The Takoma Foundation is guided by an all-volunteer working board made up of members of our community. All of our fundraising, grantmaking, communications, programs and activities are managed by board members and other community volunteers. The Foundation has no paid staff.

Benjamin Frey


Ben began his career as an AmeriCorps*VISTA volunteer and is proud to have served an interesting variety of effective and mission-driven nonprofits, foundations and government agencies across the country, developing programs, conducting trainings, managing grants and telling stories about those doing good work for others. He has lived in Takoma Park with his wife and two daughters for most of the 21st century. Four were spent in Malawi, Africa.

Howard Kohn


Howard is a freelance writer and a political consultant. He has been involved with the Foundation for 10 years and participates in several civic groups. He and his wife Diana, another activist, have lived in Takoma Park since 1982. Their three children are grown.

Kathy Porter


Kathy is retired from a career in public policy, nonprofit management, and transportation policy. She has been on the Takoma Foundation board for more than 10 years and was president of the board from 2009 to 2010. She has also been a member of a number of other nonprofit boards in Takoma Park and Montgomery County. From 1997 to 2007, she was the mayor of the City of Takoma Park and was a member of the city council starting in 1991. She has been a resident of Takoma Park for 36 years.

Annie Mozer


Annie is the executive director and founder of What’s My Bias? and has been facilitating anti-bias seminars since 2015. She is a certified anti-bias facilitator with The National SEED Project, and spent time in the Republic of Macedonia coordinating the organization’s grants program with the American Embassy’s Public Affairs Office. During more than 20 years as an elementary school teacher, Annie has developed curriculum for social justice. A long-time Takoma Park resident, she has been a hands-on volunteer in the community and recently won an award for activism. She is currently a member of the Racial Equity Working Group, the MLK Committee, and a head gardener at Takoma Park’s demonstration garden for children. Annie is married with two sons.

Gary Cardillo


(Bio unavailable for this member)

Shayla Davis


Shayla has dedicated her time to addressing the issues of social injustice through organizing and public speaking. She advocates for environmental justice and criminal justice reform and brings her expertise to the Foundation as she serves as Executive Vice President.

Dave Lanar


Dave is a retired scientist who worked for 40 years at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (WRAIR) on the development of vaccines for tropical diseases like malaria. He has lived in Takoma Park for all of those years and was heavily involved in Boy Scout Troop 33 as Scoutmaster where he likes to think he made a positive difference in the lives of many young men. He is a recipient of the Azalea Award (2008).

Leicia Monfort


(Bio unavailable for this member)

Sara Mussie


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