Thanks to Your Support -- and Love of Beer -- We Raised Nearly $11,000!

2011-beerfest6The weather was perfect, the venue was gorgeous, the food was so delicious it disappeared as quickly as it was served, the entertainment was outstanding, and the beer was out of this world.

The company wasn't bad either!

Put it all together and you get more than just a great party. The 3rd Annual Takoma Foundation Beerfest (for more team coverage, click here), held on Saturday, October 15, 2011, raised more than $11,000 -- money that will be reinvested right back into the community.

"Obviously, the Beerfest is about raising funds and having a good time doing it, but it's really about so much more than that," said Franca Brilliant, president of the Takoma Foundation. "We like to think that this event in and of itself serves one of the key missions of the Foundation, which is to build community. We're a busy community, an active community, and a community of givers. But for many of us our work and our passion tend to get directed out toward the rest of the world. We hope that the Beerfest gives people a few hours to think about Takoma Park's great assets -- along with some of our pressing needs -- and the unique contributions we can each make right here."

And don't forget ... if you've got ideas about how those contributions can be effectively spent, the deadline for submitting grant applications is October 27.

A World of Thanks

The Takoma Foundation is a volunteer-run group, and we do whatever we can to minimize expenses so we can maximize grants distributions. We rely on the gracious, big-hearted support of many sponsors, donors, and contributors. So in a by-no-means-hierarchical order (we wish we could put everyone first!), we'd like to thank -- and encourage our entire community to support -- the following:

The Brewers

Without beer, there would be no Beerfest, so a big shout-out to:

Food Donors

Local Businesses and Organizations

Local establishments sold tickets, provided publicity, and supported us in many ways.



They made a good evening great by setting the mood and dazzling the crowd.


For making our community a great place to live, work and drink beer!