Sciatica Brings Beat to Beerfest

Visitors to this year’s Beerfest (for ticket information, click here) will be welcomed with the folk- and country-influenced rock and blues of Sciatica — the perfect accompaniment to a cool fall evening of beer, food, and friendship. Sciatica will bring a deep repertoire of Crosby, Stills & Nash, the Beatles, Paul Simon, Hank Williams, and other classic material familiar to almost everyone.


“We go for the three-part harmonies, and it really comes through in the CSN songs. That’s the strength of the band,” said Alan Krupnick, keyboardist of the three-piece band. Other members are Ken Gertz (guitar) and Rich Seidel (bass).

Sciatica also does its own arrangements of familiar songs like ‘Strawberry Fields’ and ‘Homeward Bound.’

What about that name? “The name conveys the obvious — that we’re three guys in our 50s and 60s who play in a band,” said Krupnick. “We each have day jobs, but we’ve been playing in bands for most of our lives. That’s what we like to do.”

The name also is a joking reference to Metallica, the metal band. However, Krupnick hastened to add that Beerfest attendees will be much more likely to hear songs by the Dead, the Band, Keb’ Mo’, or Lyle Lovett than a screeching blast of ‘Master of Puppets’ or ‘Fade to Black’.

From the band’s perspective, playing at the Beerfest is an opportunity to support an important community event, as well as to introduce itself to new fans. For those who are captivated by Sciatica’s sound, the band has a regular monthly gig at Mulligan’s Grill and Pub on the University of Maryland’s College Park Campus. Sciatica’s next show at Mulligan’s will be Thursday, November 3. Information is at